Vipps' private user terms and conditions

New terms from 19 June 2024 – why?

New services. The main reason for new terms is that we’re launching two new services. First up is vippsing to private users in Denmark and Finland from 19 June. Read more about the service in section 20.5. Next up is the Vipps box where you can collect funds for private purposes from 25 June. You can find more info about this service in section 20.3.

Both of these services are of course voluntary for you to use.

New look and bit of clean up. Do our user terms look unfamiliar to you now? Don’t worry. As Vipps has become one company with the Danish and Finnish MobilePay we wanted to make our user terms look and feel as similar as possible in all countries. Plus, a spring clean is always a good idea. So, even though the terms might look different, your rights and obligations are meant to be the same.

Don’t accept the new terms? If you don’t accept the new terms, you need to terminate your agreement. If we don’t hear from you or you continue to use our services, we will consider this as you accepting the changes.

Vipps' private user terms and conditions

Version 1.32 – 19 June 2024

1. The service

Vipps is a payment and information service provided by Vipps MobilePay AS and our branches in Denmark and Finland (“Vipps”, “we” or “us”). You can find more information about using Vipps on our website:

2. Entering into the agreement

2.1 The agreement and the parties

By signing up to Vipps and accepting the Private User Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) you are entering into an agreement with:

Vipps MobilePay AS, Dronning Eufemiasgate 11, 0150 Oslo, 918 713 867. Our telephone number is: (+47) 24 24 05 10.

The Terms are provided in Norwegian. This English version of the Terms is a translation for your convenience only. In case of discrepancy or conflict, the national language version shall take precedence. In addition to the Terms, relevant Norwegian statutory provisions also apply.

We need certain personal information in order to activate your agreement and for you to use our services. You therefore you automatically agree to our processing of your personal data by registering in Vipps. If you object to processing, this will lead to termination of your agreement. See our Privacy Notice for further details.

2.2 User registration

Before you start using Vipps, you must create a user profile. When registering the first time, you will have to identify yourself by completing our registration procedure. We will use your personal identity number to identify you and may retrieve information about you from a central public registry or automatically check your identity against the national tax register.

You are obliged to identify yourself further if this is required by applicable law for us to be able to comply with requirements in terms of the anti-money laundering regulation and requirements to know our customers (“KYC”).

Your personal identity number can only be linked to one user agreement.

Please note that when you add a payment card in Vipps, you will need to use the authorization means required by your card issuer, for example 3D Secure (BankID).

2.3 Requirements to use our services

To be able to use our services, you must have read, understood and accepted the Terms, including the following requirements:

  • You must have a Norwegian social security number, or D number, if your bank offers a BankID for you with a D-number.
  • You must verify your identity with strong electronic identification means (BankID) if you are over 15 years old.
  • You must have an account in a Norwegian bank and at least one personal debit or credit card issued by a Norwegian bank to make payments in Vipps (“Money Source”). Also, you must have an account in a Norwegian bank and a personal Norwegian debit card for receiving payments through Vipps. Vipps uses KAR (Konto- og Adresseringsregisteret for Norwegian banks) for verification of account ownership.
  • You must have a device with a Norwegian telephone number.
  • You must have a valid e-mail address.
  • You must be at least 15 years old to register. If you are aged between 15 and 18 years, you can only transfer money which is at your disposal. If you are younger than 15 years, your parents can register a “U15 Vipps profile” controlled by your parents for you. U15 users do not have to register a debit or credit card in Vipps.
  • We must approve you as a user.
  • Vipps must be downloaded from an app store and can be used on devices with iOS and Android (provided Google Play Services are available) operating systems. We reserve the right to set requirements to the device’s operating system.

You must provide the information and documentation requested by us to become a user of Vipps to allow us to fulfill our obligations in accordance with applicable legislation in terms of anti-money laundering (KYC) for example.

Vipps is based upon sharing of users’ telephone numbers. Your full legal name will be displayed to other users and merchants when you use Vipps. You can read more about this in the relevant section for the specific products. If someone has access to your telephone number and enters your number in Vipps, your full legal name will be displayed to those who made a search with your number before a transaction is effectuated. This also applies if you have disabled displaying your telephone number at providers of telephone numbers or have a secret telephone number. Any picture you choose to upload to your profile will also be displayed.

3. Use of our services

3.1 Use of Vipps

Vipps is personal and may only be used by you. You must not disclose your PIN/passwords to others, write them down or save them on your device.

You can only be active at one device at a time. You need to verify your identity if you log in to a second device.

You can block other users from interacting with you in Vipps. This blocking has effect across all services and functions in Vipps. This means that a user that you have blocked will not be able to find you in Vipps through number search, request funds or transfer funds to you, send you messages and the like.

3.2 Limits

We have set maximum limits for using our payment services and also limits applicable on specific services. You will find the limits on our website: The limits only apply to payment services provided to you by Vipps in Vipps, not card pass-through, where Vipps doesn’t effectuate the payment but solely delivers your tokenized card details to the payee’s payment service provider.

We may also set maximum amounts or other indicators that will trigger additional security requirements, for instance 3-D Secure (BankID).

3.3 Change of telephone number

You must delete your profile and register as a new user when you change your phone number. You can do this in Vipps, or by calling us if you no longer have access to your device.

Please note: You will not have access to your transaction history in Vipps after you have deleted your profile. You also lose created payments agreements and access to box. You can contact us and request your transaction history. You must redeem funds in a box before deleting your profile.

4. Your responsibilities

4.1 Provide information

You must ensure that the information you provide is complete, correct and updated at any given time, including name, e-mail address, address, telephone number, card number and account number.

4.2 Personal code – PIN

You must create a personal code ("PIN") when you register as a user. Your PIN must consist of four digits and must be different from your other PINs. You must not disclose your PIN to anyone. You are responsible for ensuring that no-one else will gain access to your Vipps. You must notify us as soon as possible if anyone gets access to your PIN.

4.3 Your device

If your device is stolen or lost, or if you suspect misappropriation or unauthorized use of Vipps, you must notify us as soon as possible. We may then block your use of Vipps until further notice.

4.4 Restrictions on your use of Vipps

You may not use Vipps for:

  1. illegal activities or violation of the Terms,
  2. activities or other purposes that could substantially harm our business, image or brand,
  3. commercial or business purposes, including public collections,
  4. public fundraising campaigns without our prior written approval,
  5. activities that entail risk of money laundering or terror financing,
  6. any kind of harassment, offensive or insulting acts, or threats.

You must not use Vipps on a jailbroken/rooted device, since this entails a risk of misuse of Vipps.

Material or repeated violations of the above-mentioned requirements will be deemed as a material breach of the Terms. This gives us the right to terminate the agreement.

4.5 Checking your payment transactions

We advise you to check your payments and other transactions in Vipps regularly. If you notice transactions that do not match with what you have approved, which you don’t think you have made, or if you observe that someone has incorrectly transferred money to you in Vipps, you must notify us as soon as possible.

5. Right to withdraw from the agreement

You have the right to withdraw from the agreement within 14 days after registering as a user in accordance with applicable consumer regulations. If the last day of this period is a Saturday or Sunday or a public holiday you may exercise your right of withdrawal on the following weekday.

If you wish to withdraw from the agreement, you can do this by deleting your profile in your Vipps-app. Please note that only deleting the Vipps-app itself from your device will not cancel your agreement.

Please note: Your right to withdrawal expires once you have used any of our services.

Once the right to withdrawal period has expired, the agreement may be terminated in accordance with the Terms.

6. Blocking

You must call us as soon as possible at (+47) 24 24 05 10 if:

  • The device with Vipps installed, SIM card and/or the linked payment card(s) is lost or stolen – or if you suspect this.
  • You discover or suspect misappropriation or unauthorized use of your Vipps.

When such notification has been given, we will block the use of your Vipps until further notice.

In the above situations, it is your responsibility to also contact your bank or other financial institution that your Money Source in Vipps is connected to.

If we have reasonable grounds to believe that your use of Vipps is in violation of law or the Terms, we can temporarily block your use of Vipps. If such use is not discontinued or represents a material breach of the Terms, we are entitled to terminate the agreement.

7. Duration and termination

You may terminate your agreement with immediate effect by deleting your profile in the Vipps app. Please note that simply deleting Vipps alone, will not be considered as termination of your agreement.

We may terminate the agreement with two months’ written notice if we have a qualified reason to do so. If you use Vipps for illegal purposes or give us incorrect information in order to get or keep Vipps, we can terminate the agreement with immediate effect. In such cases, we are not obliged to inform you before the termination but will seek to give notice and to provide you with the opportunity to rectify the matter if possible. If you otherwise materially breach the Terms, we can also terminate the agreement with immediate effect. Before this you will, however, be given two weeks to try to rectify the matter.

8. Our right to change the agreement

We may change the Terms.

We may change the Terms without prior written notice unless the changes are to your disadvantage. If you do not wish to accept such changes, you can terminate the agreement.

If the changes are to your disadvantage, we will notify you at least two months before the changes take effect. If you do not wish to accept such new terms and conditions, you must notify us before they enter into force. In this case, we will consider this as an immediate termination of the agreement.

If we do not hear from you or you make use of any of our services after amended terms have entered into effect, we will regard this as your acceptance of the new terms and conditions.

Amendments to the registration procedures to comply with regulatory and security requirements, or to prevent unlawful activity, can be implemented by Vipps without prior notice.

Our at all times applicable terms and conditions will be available in your Vipps-app and on our website

9. Prices

A transaction fee may be incurred for the use of Vipps. Visit our website for information on prices. If a transaction fee is incurred for a payment order, information about this will appear in Vipps before you confirm the payment. When you use a credit card to pay with, costs can be incurred from the use of the credit card if this follows from the agreement between you and the issuer of the card.

Sending a money gift with a digital wrapping incurs a fee for the wrapping you choose. You will be informed of the price before accepting to make the transfer. See info regarding prices and specific terms and conditions for purchase of gift wrapping on our website.

Using box incurs a fee (see section regarding box below).

If we introduce new functions, features, products or services, these may be subject to fees/pricing from launch. You will always be informed about a price/fee before you use the function, feature/product.

10. Our customer due diligence

Vipps is subject to, amongst others, the anti-money laundering regulations. We therefore have a duty to apply customer due diligence measures when establishing customer relationships and in the ongoing monitoring of existing customer relationships. This may include investigations concerning use of Vipps. If required by us, you must provide additional information about use of Vipps. If you fail to give us the required information, or if satisfactory customer due diligence cannot be carried out for other reasons, we may reject or terminate your agreement with immediate effect.

Due diligence information will be used to prevent, reveal and examine suspected money laundering and terror financing, and where applicable, initiate criminal investigation of money laundering, terror financing and predicate offenses.

11. Communication and languages

By entering into the agreement with Vipps you acknowledge that the agreement is executed electronically and Norwegian (here translated to English). You will receive all information and notifications electronically, either in Vipps or to the telephone number or e-mail address provided by you. You can at any time contact us and receive the Terms via e-mail or on paper.

12. Privacy

In order to enable you to use Vipps and our other services, Vipps needs to receive, use and store some of your personal data. Most of this data is provided by yourself in Vipps when you register as a user and is generated when you use Vipps. We have a separate Privacy Notice which you can find here.

13. Supervisory authority

Vipps is licensed to provide payment services including issuing electronic money and is subject to supervision by Finanstilsynet (the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway), P.O. Box 1187 Sentrum, N-0107 Oslo.

14. Our liability

Vipps shall effectuate payments in accordance with your instructions. If we make a mistake in connection with the payment, we shall rectify the error and cover your loss, subject to the limitations in Sections 3-49, 3-50, 4-28, 4-29 and 4-33 of the Financial Contracts Act.

We are also liable for losses arising when payments have not been approved by you, subject to the limitations in Section 4-30 of the Financial Contracts Act.

We are not liable for losses arising from circumstances beyond our control, which we could not reasonably be expected to have foreseen or avoided, such as

  • Breakdown of or lack of access to IT systems or damage to data in these systems attributable to any of the events listed below regardless of whether we or a third-party supplier is responsible for the operation of these systems: power failure or breakdown of power supply system or telecommunications, statutory intervention or administrative acts, war, revolution, riot, civil unrest, sabotage, terrorism or vandalism (including virus attacks and hacking).
  • Strikes, lockouts, boycotts regardless of whether we ourselves are a party to or has started such an industrial dispute and regardless of its cause.
  • Other circumstances beyond our control.

Vipps is not exempt from liability if we are liable under applicable law for the cause of the loss under any circumstances.

We are not liable for errors by you in making a payment in Vipps. For example, we are not liable if the recipient, telephone number or amount is incorrect. We are not liable for the content of invoices sent via Vipps. If you find there’s an error in an eFaktura you’ve received, you will have to contact the issuer of this invoice.

We are not liable for any defects or deficiencies in goods or services for which you pay using Vipps or for sellers’ conduct in general. We are not liable for the fundraising campaigns to which you make contributions using Vipps. If you have any complaints regarding the delivered goods, services or fundraising campaigns, you must contact the seller or the fundraiser.

Vipps' obligations under the Terms - including the duty to effectuate payment orders - shall temporarily not be applicable if circumstances arise which are beyond our control, which we could not reasonably be expected to have foreseen or avoided. The same applies to circumstances which are due to statutory obligations or pursuant to law.

15. Governing law

This agreement is governed by Norwegian law, without regard to conflict of law principles. 

16. Complaints

You can always contact Vipps if you disagree with us. You can call us on telephone (+47) 24 24 05 10. If you still disagree or are still dissatisfied with the result, you can contact us via our website.

In the event of a dispute where you disagree with us, and we do not resolve the matter to your satisfaction, you can submit the matter to the Norwegian Financial Services Complaints Board. The Norwegian Financial Services Complaints Board can be contacted via or to the Board's secretariat at postal address: P.O. Box 53 Skøyen, N-0212 Oslo.

You can file a complaint with the authorities supervising Vipps ’s compliance with amongst others the payment regulation (see section above regarding Supervising Authorities).

If you are residing in EU or Norway, you can file a complaint with the European Commission’s European Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform. If you contact ODR, it will be helpful for you to state that our complaints department can be contacted via our website.

17. Intellectual Property Rights

All trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights related to Vipps, including all services, products and features, are the sole property of Vipps or our licensors. You must not copy, display, assign, publish or otherwise use our intellectual property in any way whatsoever, except to the extent necessary to use Vipps as provided in the Terms.

18. The Guarantee fund

Vipps´ services are not covered by a guarantee fund. Your bank account is normally covered by a guarantee fund.

19. Paying with our payment services in Vipps

19.1 Payment types

For avoidance of doubt: This section governs paying with payment services included in Vipps. It doesn’t govern payments where we only pass on your card details to the merchant’s own payment service provider. This, we call “card pass-trough” and you can read more about this in section 23.

When you have confirmed a payment order in Vipps, you authorize Vipps to effectuate the payment on your behalf. You can use our payment services in the following ways:

  • Sending money to other users or a box belonging to either yourself or another user.
  • Paying at merchants, clubs or associations accepting Vipps either online or in physical stores.

We will authenticate you when you consent to payments in Vipps. Depending on your use of Vipps, the amount and previous purchases, you may be asked to carry out additional security measures, such as BankID.

You will receive a confirmation in Vipps after you have effectuated the payment with a reference to identify the transaction, information about the payee, the amount and the date.

You can view details of your transactions in Vipps. The Merchant can make additional information available after you have effectuated a payment (see below regarding order management).

You are able to request an extract of your data by contacting us.

You pay with either your card or your account depending on the payment scenario and your choice of Money Source. Please note: In some types of online purchases Vipps is not responsible for processing the actual payment (see Section 23 regarding card pass-through).

19.2 Effectuating of payments

An approved payment will be immediately visible in both the payer's and payee's Vipps-app, even if the payment has not yet been settled to the payee's account.

If the payment with Vipps is account to account, the transfer is instant. With a card to card payment, the transfer time depends on the card issuers. If the payment is a card to account payment, the maximum transfer time is the day of the transaction plus 3 banking days.

If you have received a payment which is due to an error on the part of Vipps, we can rectify the error by debiting your Money Source by the end of the third working day after the error was made. Moreover, erroneous crediting or debiting of an account on the part of Vipps is regulated by the stipulations in Sections 4-25 and 4-28 of the Financial Contracts Act.

We are responsible for the security of your payment card data that we possess or otherwise store, process, or transmit on your behalf.

19.3 Revocation of a payment transactions that you have authorized

After you have approved a payment, you cannot revoke it. Under certain circumstances, however, you may be entitled to a refund (see below).

19.4 Rejection of payments

We are not obliged to effectuate payments if there are not sufficient funds or which cannot be effectuated due to legal or contractual obstructions. For example, we may reject payment requests in the event of suspected unauthorized use, fraud, money laundering or terror financing. We will notify you of the rejection/non-execution in Vipps if this is in accordance with applicable legislation.

Any actual or suspected misuse as described in this provision can be regarded as a material breach of the Terms and entitles us to terminate your agreement.

19.5 Refunds

If you use our payment services in Vipps to pay for goods or services, but subsequently agree with the merchant that you are entitled to a refund, or if the purchase is annulled for any other reason, we will effectuate a refund based on a valid request by the merchant.

19.6 Reversal of unauthorized payments

If you believe that a payment has been made with our payment service that you have not authorized, you must contact us and dispute the payment as soon as possible. The rules on disputes are determined by applicable payment regulation, Financial Contracts Act Sections 4-23, 4-24, and Sections 4-30 – 4-32. These rules can be summarized as follows:

  • You are obliged to protect your code that provides access to Vipps and not give other people access to your Vipps and device.
  • You must contact us without delay if you suspect that others have access to making payments with your Vipps.
  • You must contact us as soon as possible, and no later than 13 months after the debit date, when you become aware of transactions or use that you have not approved.
  • If you dispute because you mean that you haven’t approved the payment and require your funds returned, Vipps shall execute this within the next business day. This is not applicable if you confirm being responsible for the payment in writing, or if Vipps has reasons to suspect fraud and bring the case before the Norwegian Banking Complaints Board or the public courts within 4 weeks after your complaint.
  • We must document that the payment has been approved, correctly registered, and booked, and not affected by any technical failure or other error.
  • You may have to cover parts of your loss, even if you haven’t approved the payment. You will normally be held liable for NOK 450 if your PIN code or other personal security device has been used in Vipps. The amount may increase to NOK 12 000 if you have acted with gross negligence.
  • If you have acted with intent, you will have to cover the full loss. This is also the case if you intentionally have omitted to protect your PIN code or other personal security device that provides access to Vipps.

If a payment is reversed in accordance with this provision, Vipps may nevertheless require that the money be repaid at a later date if Vipps can render probable that the payment was approved by you.

You are not liable for any losses arising after Vipps is informed and your Vipps profile is blocked. You are neither liable for losses that arise if you haven’t been able to block your Vipps profile as result of circumstances with Vipps.

If you suspect that you may have been exposed to a criminal act in connection with a payment, we strongly encourage you to report the matter to the police when assessing your claim.

If you are under 18 years, your liability will be assessed in accordance with applicable legislation regarding minors and incapable parties’ liability and possibility to enter into agreements and applicable payment legislation.

20. Payment transactions to/from private users

20.1 Make payments person-to-person

When making payments to other private users of Vipps, you can enter the recipient's telephone number in Vipps or find the name in your list of contacts on your device. If the recipient (payee) is not our registered user, the payment will not be processed.

When you use Vipps to make a payment to other users, you must make sure that the telephone number you enter is correct.

Please note: When you pay to other users, your full legal name, telephone number, profile picture and any message to the recipient is shown in the recipient's Vipps. Depending on the bank, your account number might also appear in the recipient’s online bank and bank statements if you paid from your account in Vipps.

You can receive payments for private purposes from other users with Vipps.

You can also use Vipps to request payments from other users. You may only do so if you have an agreement with the other user about the request. Misuse of this, will be regarded as a material breach of the Terms.

Payment transactions and payment requests from other private users may also be initiated via a third-party service, for example via a platform where private individuals sell goods to each other.

You will receive incoming payments from other users either to your recipient account or your recipient card depending on what Money Source the payer has chosen to pay from. Users below the age of 15 will always receive funds on their recipient account.

20.2 Send gifts

When sending money to another private user with Vipps, you can choose to send the money as a money gift where you buy a personalized digital wrapping and schedule the delivery. You can find information about prices for digital wrapping on our webpage.

The maximum period for scheduling a money gift is three months. You can cancel a scheduled money gift before the delivery date. We will only effectuate the scheduled money gift if there is sufficient funds available at the time of delivery.

Information regarding prices and specific terms and conditions for purchase of digital gift wrapping can be found on our website.

We reserve the right not to make all additional features available at all times due to technical circumstances. You can see the available features in your App.

A money gift payment will be effectuated the same way as a regular person to person payment. Both the amount of the money gift and the fee for the digital wrapping will be debited from your Money Source when the money gift payment is effectuated. Money gifts will be visible in the payment history in Vipps of the giver and receiver.

20.3 Box

Box is a service based on electronic money (e-money). The owner of a box and other users can transfer funds to a box. When the user transfers funds to a box, Vipps issues e-money to the user in continuation of the purchase. The owner of the box can use e-money from your box as a Money Source to send funds to other users and to pay to selected merchants. Whenever you use e-money from your box it will be converted to regular scriptural money and transferred to the receiver.

After you have authorized a payment using e-money you cannot revoke it.

Transferring funds to a box incurs an administration fee: For every NOK 1.000 a fee of NOK 19 is automatically withdrawn from the box.

Funds in a box are not deposits. You do therefore not receive interest on the e-money amount in a box.

If you are below 18 years, you may only use box with your parents´/guardian´s consent. We recommend parents/guardians to get access to see a box created by a user below 18 (see below).

The owner of a box can pay out (redeem) e-money in a box at any time in Vipps. You can close your box at any time in Vipps. Your e-money amount must be redeemed before your box can be closed. You must redeem funds in a box before closing your agreement/before deleting your profile.

If we close a box or your user agreement is terminated, for whatever reason, amounts in the box will be paid out to you.

If we have reasons to suspect that the funds used to buy e-money are connected to fraud or unauthorized payments, or do not belong to you, we may withhold your e-money to cover any claim we may have against you in this respect.

We will automatically share the box number, your full legal name and phone number with the users who are sending money to your box or receiving money from your box. If you pay to a merchant using funds from a box, your full legal name and the last four digits of your phone number are displayed to the merchant.

Please note: An owner of a box can give other users access to see a box that the user owns, including balance and transactions, in their Vipps (‘viewing access’). This applies to all users (also to third parties outside a private group for example). Users with viewing access can see the following information of all payments in and out of the box:

  • full legal name of users who transfer funds to the box or receive funds from the box (phone numbers will not be shown to users with viewing access)
  • date of the transaction
  • amount of the transaction
  • any message connected to a transfer money to the specific box.

As the owner of a box, you are responsible for who you give viewer access to. You shall manage users with viewer access on an ongoing basis, including removing users who should no longer have viewer access to your box.

When you choose to transfer funds to a box you acknowledge that the owner of the box can give other private users access to the transaction history of the box and thereby expose the above-mentioned information.

20.4 Share expenses

You can calculate and share expenses in Vipps with the settlement functionality. Settlement is a calculation-tool for sharing expenses and not a payment service.

Private users can participate in settlement-groups. The calculations are made automatically when users share expenses in the group. All users in a group can share expenses and choose the currency for the expense, settle expenses equally or unequally, share messages and follow the expenses in the group.

Please note: Your full legal name will be shown in groups that you are a member of (also in older expenses and settlements).

If you choose to add an expense in another currency than your local currency, the currency conversion will automatically be made into your local currency based on applicable currency rates.

You are responsible for the expenses, calculations and settlements that you make with the settlement functionality.

If you decide to settle a payment that is calculated with the settlement functionality, the payment is made as an ordinary person to person payment transaction with Vipps. Your expenses calculated with the settlement functionality and settled in Vipps will affect your limits.

Vipps assumes no liability for errors or other omissions due to calculations made in Vipps nor for any losses that may arise as a result of dispositions made on the basis of these calculations. We assume no liability for possible differences in currency exchange rates.

20.5 Payments to users in other countries

You can transfer funds with Vipps to users in other countries (cross border payments). This is a person to person payment regulated by the general terms as well as the below-mentioned.

You can find information on the countries that are in scope of the service, as determined by Vipps, on our website. Cross border payments may incur a fee which is shown before the payment is effectuated. Please visit our webpage for more information on applicable fees:

Vipps determines which Money Sources or payment methods you can use to send and/or receive funds cross border.

Specific limits for cross-border payments may apply. Please visit our webpage for more information on limits:

We will debit the amount from the Money Sources in the currency displayed on the payment screen in your Vipps. If you send money in a currency that is different from the currency of your Money Sources, you will incur a currency exchange fee in accordance with the conditions applicable to your Money Sources. Similarly, you will incur a currency exchange fee if you receive a payment in a foreign currency in your Money Sources.

Cross-border payments will be visible in Vipps after the payment has been approved by the payer. The payer’s Money Source is debited when the payment is approved. The receiver’s Money Source is credited when the receiver’s payment service provider has processed the incoming payment in accordance with the conditions applicable to the Money Sources.

Note, that your full legal name will be displayed to other users when you send or receive money to and from other countries.

You must be over 15 years old to send money to users in other countries.

21. Merchant services

You can use Vipps to pay with the Money Source that you select in Vipps in physical trade and online on merchant’s websites and in merchant’s apps.

21.1 In-store payments to a merchant without cash register

Merchants can receive payments made with our payment services in-store where the user is physically present. The user can start the payment by finding the merchant’s short number/profile in Vipps or by using a QR code. When you use our payment services to make a payment to a merchant in this way, you must verify that the merchant’s profile corresponds to the information you have received from the merchant before confirming the payment.

You can enter the amount based on goods/services that you select, or the amount can be based on goods/services that you choose from the merchant’s pre-selected shopping basket.

Please note: When paying to a charity organization’s number/profile, the charity organisation will automatically receive your full legal name and your phone number.

With respect to donations, you will on some occasions be requested to give your personal identification number to the recipient/the organisation so that your donation can be reported by the organisation to the tax authorities to request for you a tax deduction if you qualify for such a deduction. Please note that it is the organisation, and not Vipps, who is responsible for reporting your donation to the authorities.

21.2 In-store payments to a merchant with a cash register

Selected merchants are able to send payment requests from the store’s cash register to your Vipps where you can accept the payment. You must verify that the amount requested by the merchant is correct before confirming the payment.

Merchants can also request payments from unmanned vending machines.

21.3 Online payments and in-app payments to a merchant

When you purchase goods or services from a merchant’s website or merchant’s mobile app, you can use Vipps to approve a payment with the Money Source you select in Vipps.

The amount and recipient (the merchant) will be specified in Vipps, which you must confirm to complete the payment. When you use Vipps in this way, we will convey the amount and any message you write to the recipient along with a transaction ID.

This way of paying to merchants can also be used for paying amounts based on an invoice from a merchant. An invoice payment will appear on your transaction history with this specific merchant.

We offer two different ways of payment when you use Vipps for online payments:

  • For merchants using the Vipps direct integration, we will process your online payments. In short, this means that we are responsible for charging your payment card, clearing and settlement.
  • For merchants using a third-party payment service provider (PSP) online integration we only forward the relevant details so the third-party can process the payment (see section 23 below regarding card pass-through).

21.4 Easy login

Login is a service where you can choose to share your information from Vipps with a merchant (e.g. name, address, date of birth, and phone number and social security number where necessary). Sharing information requires your consent (see also section 21.6 below regarding the details of data sharing with merchants).

You must be at least 15 years old to use login.

When you have shared information with the merchant, and are registered in the merchant’s service, you can log in to the merchant’s service without a new approval in Vipps.

You can also choose to be remembered in the web browser. If you accept to be remembered in the browser, you will subsequently be able to sign up and log in with merchants that offer our login functionality, without having to confirm the login Vipps. By accepting the “remember me” function you are accepting the cookies that make this possible.

When you make any update to your personal information in Vipps, we will share this automatically with the merchants that you consented to share data with.

You will always be able to see and accept the specific information that is shared with the merchant before you consent. You can see what merchants you have shared information with and what browsers remember you and withdraw consents in Vipps.

In the login process, we may present you with ways that the merchant wants to communicate with you and/or request your consent for marketing and other additional communications on behalf of the merchant. In these instances, Vipps will strictly act as a data processor to manage and process your preferences for the purpose of merchant communication. You can later change these preferences through merchant's domains, for example their website.

To prevent other persons getting access to your data, you must make sure that:

  • The device used for login is stored securely.
  • The device used for login is secured sufficiently with screen lock or similar security measure.
  • The device used for login is not shared with others or otherwise used by others.
  • You must call us to remove login from your device if this is lost or stolen.
  • You do not use login on shared devices.

We use necessary cookies to provide login. Login also uses a security solution that retrieves information about your browser to confirm that the cookies have not been copied or changed. The information and the cookies will not be transferred to any third parties.

You are deemed to have accepted the use of cookies as long as this functionality is turned on in your browser. If you turn off cookies, login will no longer work.

21.5 Making recurring payments to a merchant

You can link paying with the selected Money Source in Vipps and recurring payment agreements that you have with a merchant.

You hereby accept that the merchant can charge recurring payments from the Money Source that you select, without you having to authorize each individual payment. The merchant charges the recurring payment in accordance with the agreement between you and the merchant.

You must be at least 18 years old to use recurring payments.

We are not a party to the payment agreement, which is linked by you to be paid with Vipps, nor the agreement between you and the merchant on the goods/services you receive and pay for with Vipps. Vipps is not liable for any missing payment, or if the Money Source does not have sufficient funds. It is your responsibility to make the payment in another channel (for example your online bank) if the recurring payment fails. It is also your responsibility to contact the merchant to set up an alternative payment method if you choose to delete your Vipps profile.

You must contact the merchant in order to terminate a recurring payment agreement.

Please note: If your agreement with us terminates, you will no longer have access to your linked payment agreements in Vipps, and linked payments will no longer be made from the termination date. The same applies if the merchant’s agreement with us terminates.

21.6 Sharing information from Vipps with merchants

We may, when you use our services, for for example sign up, login or payment situations, enable you to share information registered in your user profile with selected merchants, for the merchant to register you in their system or to deliver a service or product to you. In such situations the merchant will request the information they require, and you can choose if you consent to this sharing. We will only share the information registered in your user profile with merchants after you have consented to the sharing. The information requested will be stated in the consent dialogue.

Merchants will be able to request for example the following personal information:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Account number

Only when necessary or based by law:

  • Social security number

The merchant becomes an independent data controller of the personal information shared with it. This means that the merchant decides the purpose of the processing and becomes responsible for subsequent processing of your personal information.

When you have consented to sharing information with a merchant, we will provide the merchant with updated information when you use the merchant’s service and when you have updated your information. We will also store your consent to enable the merchant to get the same information about you if the merchant uses any of our other services, without you having to consent for each individual service. This is done since the merchant already has this information. If a merchant asks for additional information, you will be asked for a new consent.

You can see which merchants you have shared information with, and you can withdraw your consent at any time in Vipps. If you withdraw your consent, you will be asked for a new consent if you would like to use the service at the merchant at a later time. It is important to note that the customer relationship between you and the merchant does not change when you withdraw your consent to sharing information in Vipps. This means that your name, address, email address or phone number as requested and given consent for, may be stored by the merchant for its own purposes as an independent data controller.

22. Get additional information from the merchant

You can get receipt information connected to purchases in Vipps if the merchant provides the information. You must actively toggle on the feature in Vipps. You thereby get a better overview of your purchases, can store receipts for potential refunds with the merchant and for warranty services.

The feature is not available for card pass-through/PSP online payments.

In addition to required transaction information provided by us, order management information provided by the merchant may include information of purchased items, individual amounts, receipt number and if relevant shipping price, tips and discount.

Vipps is defined as data controller for the receipt information we process about you and the merchant is responsible for data you share with the merchant in context of your purchase.

Additionally, based on agreement between Vipps and the merchant, we can share a link back to the merchant’s website where the merchant can display content that the merchant is responsible for. This can give you access to the following additional categories of information: Booking, ticket, delivery information, order confirmation, receipt or other general information.

23. Paying with card via pass-through (PSP/Online)

Some merchants use a so-called card pass-through solution through their own payment service provider (PSP)/Online integration. For you as a user, you will initiate the payment in Vipps in these situations. But instead of Vipps, it is the merchant’s PSP and card acquirer who are responsible for processing the payment. Vipps is not involved in the process other than by sending your card details in a secure manner (as a card token) to the merchant’s PSP. The PSP then uses these details towards the merchant’s card acquirer, so the payment can be processed. We do not forward any information to the merchant directly.

24. Easy checkout

Checkout is a payment service provided by Vipps to merchants, where you as a user are given more payment options than Vipps. You don’t need to be user of Vipps to make payments with other payment options than Vipps, in our checkout service. All payment transactions will be governed by the conditions applicable to the payment option you select for executing the payment.

Checkout simplifies online purchases by helping you to fill in your contact and shipping information and choose your preferred shipping method. You can choose to pay with the payment options available in Vipps, supported payment cards and/or a selection of other payment options, depending on the merchant and as available in your geographic area.

You can also choose to be remembered across merchant’s web shops by toggling the “Remember me in this browser”-toggle. If you do this, we will store the information you have entered (for example name, phone number, email address, address and delivery address) in a browser, using cookies.

To tie your information with a browser, we use a cookie with a unique value. The numerical value has been randomly generated, and others cannot deduce your identity from it. We are the only party to have this link to your information, and this information is protected by high data security and access requirements.

25. Benefits

With benefits, you can get an overview of your personal memberships and all the benefits you have through selected loyalty programs in Vipps. Such benefits may include value coupons, discounts, bonus points, special offers, gift cards, credit notes and stamp cards. You can also use Benefits to find and join new benefit programs either through the merchant websites or in Vipps and activate benefits from Vipps.

When you start using Benefits, you accept that we will use your phone number to look for memberships and benefits in loyalty programs for all the merchants who have an agreement with us (you can see the up-to-date list of all possible merchants on our website). This lookup will be done every time you visit the benefits tab in Vipps to make sure that the benefits are up to date.

The merchant is responsible for the data you share with them in context of joining their benefit program. In the case of joining a new loyalty program without leaving Vipps, the Login service is used. You can read more about this service in the section regarding Login.

The merchant determines the terms and conditions for the benefits offered by the merchant. The benefit/membership agreement is solely a matter between the merchant and you and questions, complaints or the like must be directed to the merchant.

We will only use the membership data necessary to run the service. Other membership data we might receive from the merchant upon doing the lookups will not be stored nor used for any purpose.

You can stop using Benefits at any time in Vipps. This will not terminate your agreement with the merchant.

26. View account balance

You can access account balance information for all bank accounts you have registered as Money Source in Vipps.

To use this service, your profile must be verified with BankID and you must consent to having your bank account balance information shown in Vipps. Your consent can be revoked at any time in Vipps.

27. Bill payment (eFaktura)

Vipps is part of the banks' joint solution for digital invoices in Norway (eFaktura). With eFaktura you can easily receive invoices digitally in all payment interfaces that offer e-invoices and from all e-invoice issuers. The solution is the same as in online banking.

You can consent to "Recieve eFaktura" in Vipps. By that, you agree that all invoice issuers can send you invoices digitally, for processing in Vipps and in your online bank. If you activate "View eFaktura in Vipps", invoices will automatically be available for viewing and processing in Vipps.

You can unsubscribe from eFaktura for all digital payment surfaces, also in Vipps.

You choose whether you want to process invoices in Vipps or in your online bank. Either way, your bank account will be charged on the specified payment date stated in the online bank’s “due register”. Your online bank and Vipps are synchronized, so you don’t have to worry about paying twice.

If your bank does not support payment of eFaktura in Vipps, you will still be able to see your invoices in Vipps, but not pay them.

You can change the payment amount, the date and the sender account in Vipps before the invoice is sent for payment. If you wish to change your payment details after you have confirmed your invoice in Vipps, you need to visit your online or mobile bank for available options.

We are not responsible for any content of an eFaktura or the underlying payment requirements.

An eFaktura processed in online banking will no longer be possible to pay in Vipps. If you delete an eFaktura in an online bank, it will also disappear in Vipps. Invoices can also be a follow-up of outstanding receivables, including debt collection notices and payment requests.

You can unsubscribe from eFaktura for all digital payment surfaces. You can also do this in Vipps. You will then receive normal invoices.

28. Bill scanner

You can use Vipps to pay invoices you have received on paper or by e-mail. You do this by clicking on "Scan" in the main menu and take a picture of the payment details on an invoice (such as account number, KID number, amount and due date).

These images are stored by Vipps so that, if necessary, you can find and see the picture of the invoice after the payment has been made. You should not take photos of anything that does not contain payment details. Such images may be deleted without notice and may be interpreted as misuse of Vipps.

We analyze the image, identify payment details and return these in the form of pre-filled values. You can choose whether you want to use the suggested payment details or if you want to overwrite them manually.

You are responsible for checking that complete and correct payment details are used for every payment, even where we suggest this in pre-filling. When paying, you can choose between the bank accounts you have registered in Vipps as a Money Source. By confirming the payment, you authorize us to carry out coverage checks, reservations, and charges of the selected Money Source. It is not possible to revoke or change the payment in Vipps after you have confirmed it and the payment has been initiated. You need to visit your online or mobile bank for available options where the payment is future dated.

Special terms and conditions for Vipps U15

These terms and conditions apply in addition to the general Terms. The service can only be used by users under the age of 15 and it is linked to parents' / legal guardian’s profiles (both referred to as parents in the following). When a child turns 15, they can create a profile without their parents' consent by deleting the child profile and creating a new profile. Vipps has not defined a lower age limit, and it is up to parents themselves to decide when their child can start using Vipps U15

1. About the service

Vipps U15 is a payment service delivered by Vipps, which is based on consent from the child’s parents. This means that one of the parents must add the child in their Vipps, before the child can create their own profile. We confirm parental responsibility / legal guardianship for the child by obtaining information from the National Population Register. The other parent will be notified that we are creating a profile and will have the same access as the parent that created the profile. Vipps U15 enables children to receive money, ask for money and transfer money to other Vipps users.

2. Entering into the agreement

All the conditions below must be met before your child can use Vipps U15:

  • Both parents must have an active Vipps profile that is verified with BankID.
  • The child must have a Norwegian personal ID number or D number.
  • A Norwegian bank account must be given for incoming payments. The child must be registered as the account holder. This bank account is also used for outgoing payments, on the condition that both parents have consented to this by activating the function that gives the child the right to send money. Vipps uses KAR (Konto- og Adresseringsregisteret for Norwegian banks) for verification of account ownership.
  • The child must have a mobile phone with a Norwegian phone number. The service does not support the use of unlisted numbers. If the child has an unlisted number, they will not be able to use Vipps U15.
  • The Vipps-app must be downloaded from Play Store or App Store and can be used on mobile phones with iOS and Android (provided Google Play Services are available) operating systems.
  • Vipps must approve the child as a Vipps U15 user.

If you need help to set up Vipps for children who are under barnevernet (Child Welfare Services), see

3. Using Vipps U15

3.1 When you can use Vipps U15

Vipps U15 is a simplified version of Vipps. Children can receive money, ask for money, transfer money and send messages to other users. A child can only send money to other users if both parents have approved this in their Vipps' settings.

Both parents have access to payments and messages sent or received in their child’s profile in Vipps. Payment history is also available via the bank account registered in the U15 profile.

3.2 Registration, identification and maximum amounts

Before your child can start using Vipps U15, you must add them to your own profile. You do this by going to 'Profile' and selecting 'Add a child’. You must consent to Vipps obtaining information about you and your children from the National Population Register. Vipps obtains information about parental responsibility / legal guardianship from the National Population Register. In certain cases, we do not support the creation of a child's profile. If you are not registered with parental responsibility for the child in the National Population Register, you can contact our customer support at telephone (+47) 24 24 05 10.

You select which of your children under 15 you wish to create a Vipps U15 profile for. When you create a child's profile, we are obliged to inform both parents. You must therefore consent to us notifying the other parent before we can complete the registration. The child will receive an activation code from us after you have registered their mobile phone number and bank account number.

When the child has been registered and is ready to use Vipps U15, it is up to you as parents to consent to the child being able to send money to other private individuals. Consent is given under 'Profile' in Vipps. Select your child and activate the consent. The child can only send money to others when both parents have registered their consent.

We have stipulated maximum amounts. The maximum amounts that apply at all times are available at our website. If the maximum amounts are reached, the child will not be able to receive or money. Money that has been sent to the child will be refunded to the sender within three days of the money being sent.

3.3 View bank account balance in Vipps U15

Children can easily access account balance information for bank accounts registered as Money Source in Vipps.

In order to give your child access to bank account information in Vipps, you will have to consent to having the bank account balance information shown in Vipps. You will be able to revoke your consent any time in Vipps under «profile», the child’s name, and «account balance».

3.4 Blocking of other users  

The child can block other users from interacting with them in Vipps. By this, a user that the child has blocked will no longer be able to find the child by use of the child's telephone number, request or transfer funds, or send messages to the child in Vipps.

4. Prices

Using Vipps U15 may incur a transaction fee. Information about prices is available on our website. If a transaction fee is incurred for a payment order, you will see information about this in Vipps before you confirm the payment.

5. Payments

5.1 Incoming payments and payment requests

The child can receive payments from others in Vipps U15, and request payments from other users if they have a contractual basis for sending payment requests with the person they are sent to. Misuse of the right to send payment requests will be deemed a material breach of contract, giving us the right to terminate the child's access to Vipps U15.

5.2 Payments to private users

When the child uses Vipps U15 to transfer to private Vipps’ users, the child must check that the recipient's mobile phone number is correct. When the child uses Vipps to transfer to a private user, the child's full legal name, phone number, the users’ joint transaction and chat history will be shown in the recipient's Vipps-app. The transaction history will also appear in online banks and bank statements. Depending on the bank, the child’s account number might also appear in the recipient’s online bank and bank statements.

6. The child’s responsibilities

6.1 Personal code – PIN

In connection with the registration procedure in Vipps, the child must select a personal code (PIN). The PIN comprises four digits and must be different from other PINs used by the child, such as the PIN for the child's mobile phone. Vipps is entitled to deny the use of certain digit combinations as PIN. If the child needs to reset the PIN, a parent needs to call our customer centre.

Vipps’ services are exclusively for personal use, and the child must not give others access to the Vipps U15 app or disclose their PIN to others. You must ensure that others do not gain access to the child's Vipps-app. The child must not under any circumstances disclose their PIN or other security information to anyone, including the police, the bank or Vipps. If any unauthorized persons ask the child to disclose information that can be used to gain access to Vipps, the child must refuse to do so. Such and similar attempts to gain unlawful access to PIN codes or other security procedures must be reported, either by the child or you, immediately to Vipps.  It is your responsibility to notify the bank or financial undertaking which the child's Money Source in Vipps is linked to.

6.2 If the child's mobile phone is lost or stolen

If the child's mobile phone is stolen, lost or you suspect misappropriation or unauthorized use of Vipps U15, you or the child must notify Vipps as soon as possible. When you have notified us, we will block Vipps U15 until further notice.

6.3 Misuse of Vipps U15

In an assessment of whether a Vipps U15 user can be held liable for unauthorized payments and, if applicable, when determining the amount of liability in damages, the child's age, development, behaviour, their ability to pay and any other circumstances will be taken into account, cf. the principles in the Compensatory Damages Act Section 1-1.

  • Reduced liability for minors under 13: The U15 user is liable for up to NOK 800 for losses in connection with unauthorized payment transactions due to the user intentionally not meeting the obligations regarding use of PIN if the user should have understood that the intentional act would entail misuse of Vipps. The same applies in the event of fraudulent conduct on the part of the user.
  • Reduced liability for minors over 13: The U15 user is liable for up to NOK 1,200 in connection with unauthorized payment transactions if the loss is due to gross negligence on the part of the user in that they have failed to comply with one or more of their obligations under the Terms. If the loss is due to intent on the part of the user in that they have failed to comply with the obligations under this agreement, the user must bear the entire loss. The same applies if the loss is due to fraudulent conduct on the part of the user.

The user's liability under this section can be reduced pursuant to the rules in Section 4-31 of the Financial Contracts Act in the event that Vipps fails to meet sound standards and the unauthorized use is related to this.

7. The Parent’s liability

Where the Terms describe that a user can incur liability in damages, for example for the misuse of the account by others, the parents may also incur joint liability pursuant to the Compensatory Damages Act in the following cases:

a) Pursuant to the Compensatory Damages Act Section 1-2 no 1, parents are obliged to pay damages for damage inflicted by children and youth under 18, to the extent they have failed to provide due supervision or have not done what can reasonably be expected of them to prevent damage.

b) Pursuant to the Compensatory Damages Act Section 1-2 no 2, parents are liable, irrespective of whether they are at fault, for up to NOK 5,000 per loss event as a result of minors' tortuous acts.

Parents may also incur liability in damages in relation to Vipps if they, acting as a guardian and/or manager, carry out transactions on the account in breach of this Agreement or of the provisions of the Guardianship Act, and this leads to a loss for Vipps.